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Small Business Websites

Local SEO Specialists

At Mice Media, we provide hassle free website design for small businesses, fully SEO optimised to get you more of the right traffic. We know you want targeted, high converting traffic, and an easy to navigate, clean, crisp website. 

With a lifetime of experience in IT, we specialise in website creation, and have a passion for helping small, local businesses realise their full potential and succeed in this competitive economic climate. We understand that most small businesses owners specialise in the service they offer – and NOT in IT or websites, and definitely not in SEO! But we know – that you know – that you want a website, and you want more traffic through the doors of your business.

Creating Your Digital Presence

Based in Adelaide, South Australia, we work with you to realise your goals. We can explain things in plain language, whilst we take care of “all that tech stuff” in the background.

Our team of highly qualified, passionate individuals wants to see you succeed. Let us help! Whether you need a website redesign, an SEO review, or you are looking to create your digital presence, we can help. No matter what stage of your journey into the world of digital marketing you are at, we have the passion and the skills to get you results.

Passionate About Digital Marketing

Our “Chief Of Everything”, Dani Kindleyside, is over qualified in all aspects of web design and development. With a programming background, extensive freelance work in all aspects of IT (for both non profit and small to medium businesses), a passion for digital marketing, and more SEO certificates than you can poke a stick at, she is your go to girl with all things digital.